Blogging to Forget >< Forgetting to Blog

Oh, yeah. I have this blog. Sitting here. Waiting.

I often forget to blog. Probably (partly) because I have a JIRL. Yeah, the world needed another acronym, so I created one. Just now. Journal In Real Life. As in: a paper journal you write in with a pen. Or a pencil, preferably 6B. Of course, Gran would say I'm hoity-toity by using a fountain pen. I would say she was hoity-toity for not only using the term hoity-toity, but teaching it to her grandchildren. Someday, I'll write down all the Gran-isms. There were a lot of them.

It's right that I'm thinking of her at the moment. Today would have been her birthday. She was an obliviously happy person, not afraid to sit on the floor to play board games with her grandchildren. She was a good cook, and made a chocolate malt to die for. Her red cinnamon apple dumplings were a treasure, the recipe for which is tragically lost forever.

What started as a blog post about forgetting to blog turned into a small tribute to my grandma. Happy birthday, Gran!